You invested a lot of your hard earned savings on your sneakers so it only makes sense you want to keep them clean. Crep shoe protector is a “Clean Fashion Technology” company that was founded in 2012. Only a few years old Crep shoe spray has quickly and credibly earned the name as “The Ultimate Rain & Stain Repellent” being adopted by sneaker heads, entertainers and athletes en masse. Crep works on leather, suede, nubuck and canvas. Crep repels liquids, preventing stains with an invisible clear protective barrier causing liquids to bead and reduces stain and dirt deposits. Since customers have asked us if they can buy them in bulk, Cluburban has created special value deals, with either 2 or five sprays in a pack, these are great for Xmas stocking-stuffers. Another great deal is the Crep Protect Cure Kit and Ultimate Rain & Stain Shoe Spray 5oz 200ml (Combo) How to clean AIR JORDAN 4"CARHARTT X EMINEM"($ 30 k) dunked into melted m&m's - Crep Protect by now in Bulk for a better price: