Since we are celebrating the G-Shock 35th Anniversary in 2018, Casio celebrates the 1980s with the release of four new G-Shock DW-5600 watches. The DW-5600TB Throwback Series is based on the classic square case which resembles the original G-Shock DW-5000. Each watch features a bold two-tone design with color combinations inspired by ’80s street fashion. The models include the black and yellow DW-5600TB-1, red and white DW-5600TB-4A, pink and light blue DW-5600TB-4B, and purple and green DW-5600TB-6. Some of these watches offer matching colors for sports teams and the DW-5600TB-6 presents another Joker-style look.  Cluburban just dropped them and we love the colorful everyday look of them.  

G-Shock Men's DW5600TB-1 G-Shock Men's DW5600TB-4B DW5600TB-4A