Chocolates, teddy Bears ? C'mon you can do better for that man in your life. Like for instance a pair of Saxx underwear boxer briefs with a hammock-shaped pouch delivers friction-free comfort, thanks to mesh panels that prevent friction and keep everything in place,slim fit for smooth layering, a print that packs a punch, he will love you forever!

If you insist you can always say:" Happy Valentine" with Mypakage Roses boxers which have a comfortable fit and the perfect set of flowers for any occasion. They are exteremely soft and breathable and go up sz 2xl


The Hershel 600 poly travel kit is perfect for those romantic getawaysand keeps things organized.

If you want to go all out give him the matching Hershel 600D Poly backpack in wine red so timeless he will have it for a long time.

Is your budget not quite up to par after the Holiday season this Sullen Crown of Roses lanyard is only $12.95 and makes a super cute lttle gift.