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Diamond Supply Co. was started back in 1998 with its original roots being in San Fransisco but later made Los Angeles, California its home. The company was started by Nicholas Tershay(aka Nick Diamond), originally Diamond Supply was a small skateboarding hardware supply line and he operated right out of his tiny San Fransisco apartment. Soon Nicholas Tershay realized that he was on to something and quickly moved to Los Angeles to expand the Diamond Supply vision. Diamond Supply rapidly rose to popularity, Expanding to skateboard bolts, bearings, t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and so much more. Diamond Supply Co. was warmly welcomed into not only the local skate community but to the world. Diamond Supply built such a strong presence that if your board wasn't Diamond, it wasn't a worth the time. Soon after the Diamond Supply clothing line took off in the fashion industry as well. Even though not intended, Diamond was being worn by both skaters and streetwear enthusiasts alike. In 2006 Diamond opened up its doors for the first time in no other place than Fairfax California LA's hottest fashion district. Through Diamonds rise of fame they always stayed true to their craft which was manufacturing quality skate gear with clothing to alongside it. No matter if you are a skateboarder, surfer, or just creative, Diamond Supply is about being true to yourself and looking good while doing it. #DiamondLife

Diamond Supply Co.

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